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Questitician Program

Please note that you do not have to take our seminars in order or consecutively. Simply sign up for each class as they appeal, or are convenient, to your busy schedule.

Become a DermaQuest expert by completing the full course of all 5 DQ Seminars. Upon completion you will obtain the following:

  • In-depth DermaQuest home care and professional product knowledge including all of our incredible ingredients and advancements in skincare. Amaze your clients and yourself with your extensive knowledge and capabilities.
  • In-depth coverage of skin conditions and how to treat the skin in a safe, effective and efficient manner.
  • Practical hands-on work with our facial treatments, resurfacers, and chemical peels.
  • We give you and your business the tools you need to grow your business and maximize the value of DermaQuest products and treatments.
  • Certification of completion with an award pin.

Seminar Descriptions

Seminar 1 - From Our Team to Yours

Reignite your passion for skincare by increasing your knowledge and discovering the secrets to DermaQuest’s exemplary line. You’ll gain basic knowledge of skin physiology and how it functions, the most common skin conditions and proper skin preparation. Uncover the power of our home care and professional treatments and understand how our partnership will help your business thrive!

Seminar 2 - Start to Finish: Exemplary Consultations & Client Care

Begin your client’s amazing journey with DermaQuest by executing the art of an effective consultation. Learn how to identify a client’s needs, and prescribe the most appropriate products and treatments. Develop the skills needed to be an exceptional skincare professional start to finish. Gain the most revenue for your clinic by learning how to perform your best consultation the first time and every time. When it comes to skincare, you cannot know where you are going until you know where you have been.

Seminar 3 - Building Confidence and Success in the Treatment Room

This class will take you on a journey… The Client Journey. Learn how to engage your clients from start to finish with this action-packed workshop, designed to give you the confidence you need to increase revenue in your treatment room. Discover the beginningtreatment levels that DermaQuest has to offer with our classic facials and resurfacer treatments. Perform and workshop these treatments yourself and take your first steps towards become a true DermaQuest Questhetician.

Seminar 4 - Getting in Deep: Chemical Peels for Enhanced Results

Be intense and intentional. This interactive workshop provides you with hands-on experience with our most enhanced DermaQuest treatments: chemical peels. Discover the confidence that will keep your clients on the edge of their seats and always wanting more. Re-evaluate the physiology of a client’s skin, learn the many differences between our resurfacers and chemical peels and become an expert on how to choose the best treatment for any client.

Seminar 5 - The Whole Package: Retail for Success

Take a deeper look into the different characteristics of your clinic, your customers and their personalities. Understand how to incorporate your exemplary consultation skills, overcome objections, and make impactful recommendations to truly excel in the art ofretailing. This class is appropriate for estheticians, managers and clinic owners alike.

Please bring:

  • Some photos of your clinic or spa. Either hard copies or on your phone or laptop is fine.
  • A general idea of your monthly budget.
  • And please dress as if you are going to an average day at work.