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Read what our customers are saying about DermaQuest and the Staff...
"I wanted to say thank you for your time, effort, energy, and shared knowledge. I really enjoyed our training this Wednesday, although too short and too fast. It only makes me realize that I need to make a trip down to the Dermaquest training center. You taught me some interesting facts about the line that I've been applying...and I feel much more confident layer my peels and serums. Sharon hung out an additional hour asking questions....I hope she will travel to learn more about Dermaquest too. I've always felt confident about this line, and your training solidified that for me !!"
Robin Chamberlin
Love Your Skin LLC, Olympia WA 
"Veronica Harris and Danielle, thank you for the educational session today at Paul Mitchell in Sacramento!  I will be taking some advance classes at DermaQuest after I graduate so that I can take the resurfacers a peels to the next level and be able to offer this treatment to my clients!  I can't wait."
Lucy Reynolds
Paul Mitchell The School Sacramento 
"I'm writing this email to let you know that I am a new and devoted Dermaquest customer, and that Jennifer Clark of Skin Lounge in San Francisco is one of your best salespeople. I came to see Jennifer as a client for the first time last month. I moved to San Francisco a few months ago, and had been "groupon-ing" my way around town, hoping to meet a new esthetician. Jennifer is wonderful, and I expect to be a loyal client for many years. She does an excellent job, is very professional - and warm and friendly, and of course introduced me to Dermaquest. I am shocked at how potent and effective an over-the-counter skin care line can be. Between Dermaquest and Jennifer, I feel like I have a new, younger face - which is exactly what I was hoping for, as I hope to begin job interviews here soon... I just wanted you to know that Jennifer made me a new client of Dermaquest - and of her Skin Lounge as well.
Marie Mika  
Lecturer - Department of Sociology Ohio State University 
"As a medical aesthetician working for an accomplished plastic surgeon, it was vital that I choose a skincare line that would provide results for our patients.  I researched and researched and kept coming up with the conclusion that Dermaquest simply had the most comprehensive line with products containing the highest levels of the active ingredients I was looking for, ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, Agiriline, Matrixyl, Dermaxyl, Co-Q10, Idebenone, and THD-Ascorbate to name a few.  Ingredients that have clinical trials behind them that are proven to show results.  If you look at the ingredient list on the back of the bottles you will see the names of the afore mentioned very close to the top if not at the top.  You can't fake that.  
Having the chemist as the owner is what I believe sets Dermaquest apart from other skincare companies.  He knows how to formulate the "best recipe" to give us the results we are looking for at an incredible value."

Lisa Perdue
Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, Grand Rapids, MI


“It has been seven years since first I discovered DermaQuest, the most amazing skin care line I have worked with in my 35 year career in esthetics. This line of products delivers such impressive results to the skin that are truly parallel to none.


Last month, I had the chance to test the newest product "Stem Cell 3D Complex", on a recent scar on my face. On the advice of a colleague, I first tried an "animal" derived stem cell serum from another product line. However, after using this serum for several weeks, I was very disappointed to see no change in the scar. So I decided to stop using it and try Dermaquest's "plant sourced" Stem Cell 3D complex, to see if I could improve this scar. To my absolute delight, after only ONE week of applying the Stem Cell 3D Complex, my scar was much less visible, and the colour and texture around the scar was also improved! I thought, "Wow!...If it can do this for a scar, imagine what it can do for fine lines and wrinkles and the overall integrity of the skin!"


I didn't think I could love DermaQuest any more than I already did, but this was so incredible to see, I know I will not look into another line again for something that may work better. This IS the best! My clients are addicted to this line because of the wonderful results they see from using their home care..and that is the best feeling an Esthetician can have...knowing her clients are happy and will be back for more!


Thank you DermaQuest and Mr. Dhatt, for making such a results driven product line available to us and for the continued research you are committed to. I am so excited about the next generation of cutting edge technology that the company will bring into the product line!


Nicola Jordan
Owner & Esthetician, Added Beauty Vancouver, BC
  "My husband had gone through Chemo Therapy treatment for 6 months. The Chemo had worn him down physically and mentally. One of the main complaints he had was his hair had thinned and his eye lashes had also thinned and fallen out. I thought I would try DermaLash on him. I started applying the DermaLash every night on the top and bottom eye line Within 2 weeks his lashes were visible again. Within 4 weeks his eyelashes had come back thicker and longer. It made a world of difference in him to have his lashes back. Chemo is hard enough, but the toll it puts on one's body and the results that occur on a person's physical appearance can make the recovery almost seem unbearable. DermaLash helped my husband in his recovery from his grueling 6 month treatment. It put a smile on his face and a little skip back in his walk and eyelashes on his lids. What a wonderful product!!"

Redlands, California

User's Favorite: DermaLash
"I absolutely love your products. My favorites: Dermalash (I cut my lashes to see how much it grows and its grown!!!) C-Lipoic lip Enhancer (I have many lines and I've tried 'em but nothings does as much for dry lips as this product --the plump factor is a bonus) Zinclear SPF 30; this is my new favorite. I like the fact that it's light-weight and does not look ashy".

Jasmin Kheraj, YUVADERM
Buford, Goergia

User's Favorite: DermaLash | C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer
"We love the DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy Resurfacers. From the Firming Enzyme to the Peptides these awesome peels make our skin care department stand out from the crowd. They are wonderful tools in our anti-aging management programs. Clients LOVE the results and keep coming back for more. Very few lines I have tried deliver these kind of results! Thanks for always bringing us the latest innovations!"

Millie Haynam, Natural Beauty Salon & Spa
User's Favorite: Skin Therapy Resurfacers
"I am a practicing esthetician and have been in the skincare industry for over 15 years. My experiences with DermaQuest skincare products have been very effective, not only for myself but for my clients. It is a very result oriented product line addressing all skin types. The Advanced B5 Serum and Skin Vitalight have improved my skin greatly. My skin is now hydrated and has an even tone appearance. My clients who are acneic or problematic skin types have shown the most dramatic improvements. After a series of specific peels (ie salicylic or TCA) and having them on specific acne management products from DermaQuest ( Anti-Bacterial Enzyme Cleanser, Clarifying pads, Rejuvederm etc.) their skin and acne condition improved and was controlled. Thank you!"

Lisa Trunk, Zen Chic Spa
User's Favorite: Advanced B5 Seru | Skin Vitalight | Anti-Bacterial Enzyme Cleanser | Clarifying pads | Rejuvederm